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  • Lumicon 1.25" Oxygen ⦀ Filter $140.00
  • Lumicon 2.0" H-BETA $205.00
  • Beam Splitter cube Call for pricing
  • High Reflector Call for pricing
  • Tristimulus Filter From $50.00
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    With decades of experience working in the optics industry in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have developed close working relationships with all the major tech companies. From concept, to design, to building and to final products, we ensure you the smoothest, most successful process in optics, optical coatings and optical components. With our wide array of R&D scientists and engineers, materials personnel, and experienced management, let us invigorate your coating concept and turn it into full scale production. Silicon Valley Optics Technology, Inc – SVOTek in Fremont, California is your one stop shop for all your optics and optical coating needs.
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